Carl James Performer
Carl James Performer

Carl James, professional actor who desires to blur the lines between between performance art and physical theatre practice. 



I am a recent Theatre Arts graduate from Middlesex University, where I gained the appropriate skills to become a solo performer. Middlesex developed my knowledge and skills within physical theatre, understanding and challenging my capability for movement and theatre.


With my dance background and my constantly developing knowledge in physical theatre, i discovered the Japanese form, Kabuki theatre. I was curious in how one would execute their movement with the influence of the form. 


Although I have studied a variety of performance styles, physical theatre has been my main focus both as a solo performer and as a member of Broken Chair, a physical theatre company. With that said, I continue to look for way to challenge the form. 



Sink (2017)

Sink is Carl's debut solo show, based on the human bodies weakness, control. The constant search, no matter how big or small, we constantly find ourselves controlling and perfecting what we may or may not have. The story follows Carl's struggle to control his obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) but once he loses control how does he cope? How does one come to terms with losing control? How does one communicate to another?


The show combines physical theatre with performance art, occasionally relying on sign language to articulate the feelings that words can't.


Sonder (2016)

As Broken Chair 


A breathlessly physical exploration of

how it feels to be alone. Drawing on the performers' own lives and experiences explored through an episodic structure.


Sonder marks our professional debut as a company, and represents the formation of our collective voice and unique style of physical performance.


Sonder was accredited as an "Outstanding show" by FringeReview.





The Water Station (2015) 

By Ota Shogo


China,1937. War breaks out and citizens disperse in a bid to escape the conflict. In desperation they seek refuge at a leaky facet in a clearing of a forest. These strangers come to replenish themselves, and a story of desperation, compassion, love, sacrifice, loss and ultimately life (and death) transpires. 





The Sleep Experiment (2015)


Russian researchers conduct an experiment in which five prison inmates where deprived of sleep for 15 days driving them to insanity. It was performed as a ten-minute pieced performed as a solo by Carl in Ravensfield Theatre. 


Silence (2015)

By Filter & David Farr


Silence is an exploration of the pursuit of individual freedom and the choices those individuals face. In this design-focused show you'll be transported through time and space to share in their journeys.

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